About Us

Welcome to Club Auto Sport, an oasis created by the Davis Family eclectic and entertaining spirit. Experience spellbinding as you tour the Too-Much-Fun-Collection of historic artifacts. With an automotive edge, this museum venue is captivating and beyond a toy box of extraordinary collections ranging from worldwide relics, art work, celebrity and sports memorabilia – to hundreds of tiny knives, swords, tools, locks, keys. Featuring a renowned horsepower collection of cars exhibited within the TMFC Museum, Patio and Parkade.

Our History

Christine and John Davis have been making a substantial difference with their leadership through  business, community and philanthropic involvement for over four decades. In 1999 the Davis’ sold Air Systems, Inc., their mechanical contractor business that John founded in 1974. They achieved this blueprint for success by developing a strong reputation of partnering with clients and constantly growing the business with their three R’ motto in mind;

Relationships – Relationships  – Relationships!

After the sale, they formed TMFC, Inc., the family investment and consulting business. That small and comfortable business has now morphed into a mesmerizing private property.

In 2006, as a shared vision with partners with a passion for motorsport ventures Club Auto Sport was born. By 2009 the economy was in a major recession and it was back to the drawing board on how to keep the unique business venture thriving. As a result of forward thinking, astute decisions and creative marketing, Club Auto Sport emerged as a stunning event center in Suite 100.  Hosting hundreds of corporate and social events yearly prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today, Club Auto Sport has moved to Suite 101, and is solely owned by Christine and John Davis. Even as empty nesters they are busier than ever, as the Silicon Valley community is thirsty for social gathering again. The 2022 merger into the Museum, Patio and Parkade’s captivating multiple use indoor/outdoor venue space is in high demand for corporate meeting and gala’s, weddings, charitable, and a wide variety of private social events. Club Auto Sport is not just four bare walls, tables and chairs – it’s truly an unforgettable event experience. After all the Davis’ business is selling FUN – their history suggests that this “dynamic duo” will be making a difference in our community, and continue to take FUN seriously for many more years to come!

We encourage you to contact us today for a tour.

Our Team

Dan Gentile

Event Operations Manager


Alisia Blair

Events Specialist



Stephanie M. Chantler

Accounting Controller

Jorge Gonzalez

Facilities Manager

Our Museum Collection

  • Art Work Collection
  • Celebrity Memorabilia
  • Race Car Memorabilia
  • Sports Memorabilia
  • WWI Memorabilia
  • Historical NASCARS
  • Swords & Armor
  • Pocket Knives
  • Vintage Tools
  • Vintage Door Knobs
  • Keys & Locks
  • Prohibition Glass Cars
  • Miniature Model Cars
  • Hood Ornaments
  • Toy Motorcycles
  • Model Airplanes
  • Oil Cans
  • War Cannons
  • Vintage Guns
  • Vintage Golf Clubs
  • Vintage Car Collection
  • and much, much more!

Charitable Giving

The Davis Family lives their charitable motto “Kids Are Our Driving Force” by giving back in a variety of ways that will help our community build our children’s future. Community groups are encouraged to reserve our spacious flexible venue for fundraisers and other events. Our space is offered at a discount below our regular rates for non-profit organizations, allowing more funds to help others in need!

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