Wedding FAQs

What wedding venues are offered at Club Auto Sport?

We offer two incredible venues; our spectacular 10,000 sq. ft. Clubhouse Ballroom with flexible seating up to 400, as well as our exquisite TMFC Patio & Museum oasis with outdoor seating up to 120.  Both venues can be reserved separately or together as a package. Both are a must see!

How long can our ceremony be?

TMFC Patio & Museum: The Patio/Museum rental is three (3) hours. Additional time can be purchased at an additional charge.  *Special: A one (1) hour ceremony is also available, no food or beverages allowed for this rental.

The Clubhouse Ballroom rental is four (4) hours; however, you can add additional time to your rental agreement at $650.00 per hour.  *Please keep in mind all events must end no later than 1:00 A.M.

How many guests can be seated for a ceremony?

TMFC Patio & Museum:  Capacity for a ceremony is 120 with theater style seating, which allows for a four foot aisle for the bridal procession.

The Clubhouse Ballroom:  Capacity for a ceremony is 500 with theater style seating which allows for a four foot aisle for the bridal procession and a stage.

How many guests can be seated for a reception?

TMFC Patio & Museum: Capacity for the Patio is 140 with banquet style seating.

The Clubhouse Ballroom: Capacity for the ballroom is 400* with banquet style seating, allowing ample room for a dancefloor and stage.

*Capacity may vary depending on your choice of stage size and décor.  Our project managers will be able to create a sample floor plan based on your requests.

Can the ceremony site be decorated?

Yes, please contact our event manager for suggestions and restrictions.

TMFC Patio & Museum: The TMFC Patio is a beautiful tropical ceremony site and does not need much decoration.  Free standing flower arrangements are permitted.  Hanging items, such as battery operated lanterns, can only be displayed from the front section of the overhang of the bar area. Please see our event manager for details.


  • No items may be attached to any hardscape
  • No open flames
  • Rice or bird seed
  • See event manager for details

The Clubhouse Ballroom:  A spectacular blank canvas to create the wedding of your dreams! All final decorating designs need to be approved 15 days prior to your event, and event managers will work with you for ideas and inspiration.


  • Nothing can be attached to the walls (posters or signs, etc.)
  • Helium balloons
  • Balloon drops
  • Open flame
  • Rice, bird seed or confetti


How much time is provided to decorate the venue?

TMFC Patio & Museum: You have 1 ½ hours prior to the ceremony or reception, and 1 hour after the event to clean up those items.  Extra set-up time can be purchased by the ½ hour.

The Clubhouse Ballroom: You have 2 hours prior to the event to decorate. *All final designs must be approved 15 days prior to your event. Extra set-up time can be purchased by the ½ hour.


Are flower petals allowed for the ceremony or reception?

Due to their slippery nature real flower petals are prohibited, however, silk flower petals are permitted.

Are candles allowed for the ceremony or reception?

Only LED battery operated candles or Aqua lights are permitted indoors.   We will allow flame candles outside on the patio only for a candle lighting ceremony in front of the fireplace or the water feature.

Are bubbles allowed for the ceremony or reception?

Yes, in the patio or outside only.  No bubbles are permitted inside.

Can we throw rice, bird seed, confetti, streamers, silly string, etc.?

No rice, bird seed, confetti or glitter is permitted.  Streamers and silly string may be used, but will result in an additional cleaning charge.

Any other items needed must be reviewed at contract review time and must be added to the location contract.

Are dogs allowed in the wedding?

Only service dogs are permitted.

We notice the museum has lots of small items and the Clubhouse has many beautiful cars on display. Are children allowed?

TMFC Museum: Yes. TMFC has many personal and historical items on display, so we do need to enforce that all children under the age of 13 are accompanied by an adult at all times. We do have a strict “No Touching” rule.

The Clubhouse Ballroom: Yes, all children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult at all times and may not be left unattended.  Club Auto Sport has many stunning cars on display throughout the building.  They are included in the ballroom at your request and based on availability.   A security guard will be on staff to patrol, and all display vehicles will be stanchioned. All display vehicles may not be touched at any time; any damage repair will be charged to the client.

When will we have a rehearsal?

The rehearsal time is scheduled for approximately one (1) hour the day before your ceremony and during normal business hours.  When we book your ceremony we will also book a rehearsal time.  Please make sure your officiant and wedding planner are here to coordinate the ceremony and rehearsal for you.  For your convenience we can refer you to a professional wedding planner for hire and assist you if needed.

Will we need microphones?

TMFC Patio & Museum: The patio is a quaint area, but if the bride and groom are soft spoken, it is recommended that a microphone is used, and for your convenience we do have a portable system for rent.

The Clubhouse Ballroom: We do recommend using the DJ or band’s sound system for larger events.

Can we use an iPod for music?

TMFC Patio & Museum: We have a speaker system for rent that is compatible with iPods.

The Clubhouse Ballroom: Our house sound is perfect for background music on events with less than 200 guests.  For larger events we do recommend using the DJ or Band’s sound system for best results.

Who operates the music?

Your wedding planner is recommended to coordinate the flow of the music, or, if you wish, we can hire an additional staff member to handle this for you (at an additional charge).

Can we have live musicians?

TMFC Patio & Museum:   Yes, you can have a quartet, band or DJ. They will need to be “self- contained” with their own speakers, sound board, PA rack and microphones.

The Clubhouse Ballroom:  Yes, they will need to be “self- contained” with their own speakers, sound board, PA Rack, extension cords, power strips, gaffers tape and microphones.  For the safety of your guests, all electrical cords must be taped to the floor with gaffers tape.

Can we have a chuppa or mandep?

Yes, but it does need to be self-supported or hand held.

Is there a Bride’s Room?

Yes, in fact we also have a Groom’s Room.  We have large restrooms appointed for both men and women including a shower, electrical outlets, large mirrors and lighting, which are perfect for the brides and grooms to do final touch ups. We do recommend that you both come mostly dressed in your wedding attire and use the area for final touches. It is available one (1) hour before your ceremony time.

How many bridesmaids and groomsmen can I have?

We do not limit this number; it’s your decision on how to utilize the space.

Where can our guests park?

TMFC Patio & Museum: We have 50 parking spots just outside the front door of TMFC.

The Clubhouse Ballroom: The Club Auto Sport clubhouse ballroom has parking spots both in the front and rear of the building.

Are ice sculptures allowed in the Clubhouse?

Yes, according to the following guidelines:

  1. Size and weight of the sculpture must be approved by Club Auto Sport prior to delivery.
  2. It must be on a solid wood surface table.
  3. It must have an approved drainage system (from the ice company).
  4. The drainage collection bucket must be checked and maintained throughout the evening.
  5. The ice sculpture must be removed from Club Auto Sport event venue, and taken off premises at the end of the evening.
  6. The ice sculpture or left over party ice may not be disposed of in Club Auto Sports outside landscaping.
  7. An additional $250.00 security deposit is required to have an ice sculpture, and will be refunded within 7 days after the ceremony, provided no damage or additional clean-up was necessary that would result in additional charges.

There are many LCD panels above the bar in the Clubhouse; can we use them for a photo montage?

Yes, that is one of the many benefits of having your event at Club Auto Sport. The Clubhouse Ballroom LCD displays can be used to tell your personal story.  We allow three device inputs to be displayed on the screens, 3 PCs or MACs and one DVD.  You will need to provide the PC/MAC and the required adapter(s) to connect to our 15 PIN male VGA cable.  The LCDs are used for video only; if you want to integrate sound it can be coordinated via your DJ.

Once the display is showing, our staff cannot change it, if you want to change the programs or slide shows, we can hire additional AV staff for you.

Note: All items need to be tested one week prior to your event

Can we bring our own liquor and serve it to our guests?

We have and an exclusive agreement with an outstanding bar service, Catered Too.  They are able to create a custom package to meet your needs.  No outside alcohol is allowed at Club Auto Sport.

We have attended weddings where liquor is on the table. Can we do this at Club Auto Sport?

The ABC (Alcohol and Beverage Control) does allow bottles of wine to be placed on the tables. These need to be purchased from Catered Too. They do NOT allow distilled liquors such as whiskey, vodka, rum, etc. on the dining tables. All distilled liquor must be served under the control of the bar area.  

What is event insurance? Why do I need it, and how do I get it?

Event insurance is for your overall safety.   A “One Day Event Insurance” policy will protect you if one of your guests damages any Club Auto Sport or our tenants’ property. With the exception of your deductible, you would be able to file a claim on your insurance in order to avoid paying out of pocket damage expenses.

You may obtain “One-Day Event Insurance” through your homeowners or car insurance agency.

Can I bring in my own caterer?

Many events and weddings wish to use an outside caterer and we welcome them to our facility.  While we strongly encourage you to use one of our preferred caterers, we do realize that you may already have a relationship with another caterer.  You are free to use a non-preferred caterer; however there is a $10.00 per person non-preferred caterer fee. A copy of their business license and insurance for your event is mandatory.

I am a great planner. Do I really need a wedding planner?

YES.  This is some of the best advice one could give a bride and groom. Your wedding is a very important day for you and we want to make sure you enjoy every minute of It.…we strongly encourage you to have a “day of” wedding planner.  This is our only point of contact during your wedding.  All requests for changes to your already planned event must go through your planner.

Your planner must come to the rehearsal and the final review meeting.  The planner is also welcome to come to all planning meetings.  We have a list of preferred planners if you are in need of one.

My auntie makes great food. Can she cook for everyone?

It’s always nice to have family that prepares their special dishes − however, Club Auto Sport must follow the health code provisions for food service.  We encourage you to select from our list of preferred caterers who maintain a high level of excellence in food preparation, storage, and presentation.  We only allow caterers that have a State of California Catering License, along with the proper catering insurance to serve guests.

I’m having my ceremony and reception at Club Auto Sport. Can I break up the day in between?

 If you are holding your ceremony and reception at Club Auto Sport, they must be consecutive in time and date, or additional labor charges may apply.

Thank you for considering Club Auto Sport for your special wedding day festivities. Please contact us if you have additional questions, need more information, or would like to schedule a private tour.

Danielle Ravare, Event Sales


[email protected]