Weekday Weddings: A Rising Trend

Why are more couples choosing to get married on weekdays?

There are many reasons couples choose to have their wedding on a weekday rather than a weekend, including a special date, highly demanded venue, and cost savings.

Some couples want to get married on a date that’s special to them and it may not land on a weekend in the year they decide to wed. In addition to having a very special wedding anniversary, the couple can expect some monetary perks for their non-weekend choice.

If you have a limited budget, choosing to wed on a Thursday or Friday is often much more cost effective than Saturday or Sunday. In addition to having lower cost overall, you may be able to snag your dream venue that’s booked up for years on the weekends but available on weekday evenings.

According to CEO and co-founder of the Wedding Spot, Tina Hoang-To, couples booking a venue on a Thursday can expect at least a 17% lower budget than hosting at the same location on a Saturday. Although it’s a slowly growing trend, nearly “6% of couples got married on Thursday [in 2015].”

In addition to being able to book and save some of your budget on the venue, wedding vendors “are more likely to negotiate their rates because there is less competition for their services” (CNN). Also, “airfare and hotels can be more affordable mid-week rather than the weekend [and some locations] may offer the same sit-down dinner on a weekday for a lot less cash than [they would] on a Saturday” (The Knot).

Here’s some thoughtful weekday wedding advice from Offbeat Bride.

Consider a weekday wedding if you really love a venue that’s not available on the weekend in the near future and/or you’re looking to save a bit of money throughout the process!

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