Wedding Insurance 101

Now that you’ve decided to get married, should you and your partner obtain wedding insurance?

Do you need wedding insurance?

Although some venues do not require couples to obtain their own insurance, many do. Club Auto Sport, for example, requires all of its clients to have liability insurance to host an event on site. In addition to venue requirement, couples may want to get wedding insurance because it “protects a couple’s investment from circumstances beyond their control and reimburses expenses incurred” (The Knot).

What does wedding insurance cover?

Photo Credit: Terry de Roy Gruber

Wedding insurance, depending on the policy, can cover all of the following:

  • Wedding ceremony and reception site
  • Acts of nature
  • Vendor no-show
  • Sickness or injury of key parties
  • Military or occupational duty

If you have to postpone your wedding for any of the above reasons, your insurance policy, which can cost between $155 and $550, can recoup financial losses and reimburse you for additional costs. Whether your site has closed, poor weather conditions make your site inaccessible, or someone, like the groom’s father, has fallen ill, a wedding insurance policy can cover the cost of having to reschedule.

What isn’t usually covered by wedding insurance?

  • Cold feet
  • Some jewelry (engagement ring, watches)
  • Photography/Videography footage
  • Wedding gifts
  • Wedding attire
  • The honeymoon

Although you can add coverage for some of the above to a policy, wedding insurance doesn’t usually cover a change of heart or jewelry other than the wedding ring and band.

Speak with your partner and insurance agent to decide what type of policy makes the most sense for your wedding.

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