Top 3 Wedding Regrets

What do newlyweds say they regret most about the wedding planning process?

In a survey conducted by Zola of 750 couples, newlyweds wished they could’ve gone back and:

  • Hired a videographer (35%)
  • Hired a wedding planner (20%)
  • Stopped stressing about finding the perfect vendors (17%)

Your wedding day is often emotionally and physically demanding, and with all of the hello’s, goodbye’s and how-do-you-do’s, the special occasion flashes by in a wink.

When it comes to your big day, consider setting aside some of your wedding budget to hire a videographer to record all your precious moments, and a good portion more for an experienced wedding planner to ensure all the pieces fall into place.

What things should you splurge on and when can you save your money?

For an answer to that question and more wedding advice, continue reading the results of the Zola survey: 

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