Spotlight on Trends… Liquid Trends

Spotlight1Upon visiting Liquid Trends in suite 311, I found everyone busy, busy, busy− putting finishing touches on some incredible boats, cars, and trucks for the big weekend ahead. Some of these machines look like they will light-up the waterways of northern California to look like the strip in Las Vegas. Fun, here they come.

Now with Labor Day 2014 in the rearview mirror, I’m sure Joe Bettencourt the owner of Liquid Trends and one of our newest tenants to Club Auto Sport, smiles with a sigh of relief − and many very happy customers that enjoyed their recreational retreats with a some of the latest in technology and trends!

Liquid Trends specializes in Car & Marine Audio/Video Customization, and it’s always fascinating to me to learn how individuals like Joe, get started and build such an amazing business. Before its creation, Joe and his business partner at the time, were in the semiconductor and manufacturing world, and as he describes it “just going through the motions, searching daily for a new venture.” Usually that’s driven by passion! He and his partner both adored being on the water, wakeboarding and just cruising the waterways spending free time with family and friends. In 2005, Joe purchased a Centurion Wakeboard boat, and like many others wanted audio/video Tower Speakers. During his pursuit for someone with greater knowledge about boats, not just cars, Joe realized the high demand for this product and a lack of qualified shops and installers. All aboard – they pulled the trigger − and in 2011 Joe became the sole owner of Liquid Trends.


That ongoing passion and energy has now launched Liquid Trends expansion into a second location at Club Auto Sport this July. And a great opportunity for company growth. With their experience in classic cars, exotic cars and boats, Joe is able to accommodate everyone’s needs within this retail market and conveniently service Club Auto Sports other tenants and clients with the newest trends. They love the “outstanding ecosystem at their fingertips”. Within the interview I wanted to dig a little deeper on his inspiration and passion for the motorsports business − and he simply said “It’s the excitement! Pushing yourself to try new things and meeting amazing people in the industry.”


In most cases all their customers bring the cars and boats into the Liquid Trends facility. Some of their larger jobson houseboats and yachts are done off-site due to the size or transportation issues. Regardless of the size or the job or vehicle their customers and products are glowing. Offering a high end product with amazing fabrication and customization, the knowledge of their technicians and attention to detail and finish work is what set them apart from their competition. Joe says “his favorite part of the work he does is when their customers pick up their boat or car and is able to see it for the first time!”

I have to admit, my husband John Davis and I are now customers of Liquid Trends. We took our 1987 Supra to Joe and had him equip our old boat with a new audio system and bring it up to our 22 year old son’s cool standards. And yes, it rocks now. The best part of their service was this installation was done the week before July 4th weekend. And within a few hours of arriving at our delta get-a-way, Joe had called us to ensure the new system was all working correctly. That’s a glowing example of Liquid Trends “Red Carpet Service”.Spotlight3


Balance is no trend in the Bettencourt family – it’s a way of life for Joe, his beautiful wife Jennifer, and their three amazing children; Josslyn (13), Jewleah (11) and Jace (4). Jennifer has supported Joe through all of his ideas and ventures, and he attributes the balance and success of his career to his family – weekends are dedicated “J-5” family time. Travel and sports is fun for them all. Wakesurfing, wakeboarding, snowboarding, camping or just hanging out on the beach!

Congratulations and Welcome to the Club Auto Sport family!