Spotlight on Simoni


Spotlight_on_Simoni_sidebarMamma Mia, this spicy little Italian spitfire is the General Manager of Club Auto Sport. Within our ongoing series of Fastlane Newsletter “Spotlight” stories, we feature a person or business affiliation inside Club Auto Sport that stands out in a crowd for their performance, unique qualities, and support. Without a shadow of doubt, Debbie’s hardworking “hands on” style has earned her time in the “Spotlight!”

Rarely do you find one individual that brings so many talents to the table.  Fortunately, in this fast paced workplace world − we found Debbie in December of 2008.  She demonstrates her work ethics with generosity and old fashion tradition, like an Italian meal.  More is better! “I’m at my best, when I am my busiest,” says Simoni during our interview last week. Even though many of us know Debbie professionally, most do not know her background and how it has influenced her career.

Professional Antipasto

Debbie started her first job at age 16, and hasn’t stopped since. Inspired by so many mentors, she’s absorbed knowledge from everyone at all different levels, and claims every day is a learning experience.  Working behind some of the most difficult people and perfectionists with high expectations provided her with the challenge to work harder − and she always saw “the mountain as an opportunity rather than an obstacle.”

Climbing that mountain – and prior to joining the Club Auto Sport family, Debbie was a Regional Operations Manager for a major title and escrow company for nine years. Managing over 45 branches in four counties, she was in charge of training, team building, legal auditing and staffing for approximately 250-300 employees. With the decline in the 2008 real estate market, the company closed its doors in less than a week. It was devastating for her entire team. Surviving the very difficult time, she went to work for a friend to get through the holiday season, and eventually was offered a full time position as Executive Admin to Ralph Borelli. Ralph was happy to have someone with Debbie’s experience and she quickly began working closely with him on the major project at Club Auto Sport.

It was then John Davis, co-managing partner, who recognized Debbie’s great potential and hired her to fill the Club Auto Sport position as General Manager.

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