Sonic Motorsport – A New Wave Creating a New Dream at Club Auto Sport
Interview with Andrew Fang – by Debbie Simoni, General Manager
and Christine Davis, Marketing Director


Sonic Boom– definition: “When a vehicle travels at subsonic speed, the pressure disturbances, or sounds, that it generates extend in all directions.”


Still a college student and recently transferred to University of San Francisco, Andrew Fang, and his business partner Barrett Howard, are creating new waves of energy, showing us the youngest generation of business owners and their fearless jump into the pool of business ownership. Recently, we sat down to an interview with Andrew initially to learn the who, what, where and why of the newest tenant to join the Club Auto Sport family ─ and found ourselves walking away in awe of a prime example in the latest trend of young entrepreneurs.

OwnersSonic MS is an award-winning automotive tuning and accessories shop.  They offer a wide selection of premium quality parts and accessories ─ along with a team of certified technicians and specialists, that are passionately committed to providing you with an unwavering high level of service.

Tell us how you got started in your business? I was going to college studying engineering, and I was just bored!  My hobby was cars and I brought a car I was working on to Sonic, so initially I was only a customer. Shortly, I went from customer to an employee of Sonic Motorsport working in their sales department, and after a few years I was promoted to manager. As I grew more and more experienced, the owner just turned over the operations of the business so to me. Barrett was the head technician and we both wanted to do our own thing. Realizing our ambition, the owner decided to sell his business ─ and Barrett and I decided it was the perfect opportunity for us.

On your website you talk about your dream car, what do you consider your dream car? Realistically probably a GTR ─ but my actual dream car is a McLaren P1. 

Do your clients bring their dream cars to your business?  Absolutely!   We have many loyal customers, and a wide range of customers from students to working professionals.  We service customers who want to make their cars run better ─ or run faster. About 60% of our business is in suspension and wheels.  A little bit of everything in our clients dream cars or daily driving cars.

Shop1 How do you like being at Club Auto Sport? – We love it here! Sonic was in a standalone location before opening at the Club Auto Sport facility, and we like being here now because there are so many great car related businesses and enthusiasts. It’s nice to be able to go to another business or specialist; everyone helps each other do business together. There is a great variety of automotive support here. As an enthusiastic, Club Auto Sport was always on our radar and then some of our employees and customers were coming to the Club Auto Sport Cars and Caffeine events and visited with Dan Gentle. Once we personally came here, we knew we wanted Sonic to be here!

Please welcome them ─ Andrew and Barrett are intelligent, young and fearless. Their passion to grow their business and to be successful drives them daily to continue to improve and serve their customers well. “Our Pride. Your Joy” is their company tag line. It speaks not only of themselves, but what they want for their customers.  Please stop by, take the opportunity to visit with Andrew and Barrett in their new location.










Sonic Motorsport
527 Charcot Avenue, Suite 323
San Jose, California 95131
Telephone: 408-770-1230      

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