Road Blocks to Effective Event Management

What are the biggest road blocks event planners encounter pre-, during, and post-events?

Surveying event planners around the world, recent studies demonstrate that the biggest road blocks are as follows:


  • Appropriate content selection for the event audience (56%)
  • Event attendee registration management (51%)
  • Venue response time (19%) and accurate venue pricing information (24%)

To increase the likelihood that events will be heavily attended (and, in turn, be profitable endeavors), event planners need to attract and engage their audience with the right content. Having an efficient, user-friendly event software platform allows attendees to easily register for events and locate the information they need, while also providing event planners useful tools and customization options behind the scenes. Digital requests for proposals (RFPs) present a difficult road block, as event planners are often provided incomplete costs and slow responses from event venues. A digital platform for venue providers is in the works, which would pull together data on leads and competitors to help prioritize inquiries and shorten response times.

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During Event

  • Communication with event attendees (44%)
  • Registration/Check-in at event (42%)

Connecting with your event audience onsite and creating a seamless registration process is made simpler using a mobile event app, but nearly half of the survey respondents (47%) stated they do not use mobile apps as they lack the time to create and manage apps. With the release of platforms like Loopd, attendees can stay connected with event organizers and the vendors they’re interested in, as the wearable smart badge tracks the booths they visited and people they met along the way.


  • Measurement of return on investment (ROI, 65%)
  • Data analysis for future events and design

These two concepts go hand in hand, and overwhelmingly event planners are embracing technology to utilize event management software to measure attendee satisfaction and analyze data collected about their events.

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