#OurHub @ Club Auto Sport – Millers Vinyl Graphics


#OurHub @ Club Auto Sport

Submitted by Cynthia Owens

As Club Auto Sport celebrates its 6th Anniversary,
the philanthropic soul of this place has taken root and is flourishing

This month we are featuring Millers Vinyl Graphics, Suite 123, and their incredible spirit of outreach.

A pretty, fresh-faced young woman was getting coffee in the tenant break room.  I’d seen her in the building before, but couldn’t place her.  I asked if we’d met, and she thrust her hand out, “I’m Kelsey, and I’m working with the Millers.  I’m with Teen Challenge; are you familiar with them?”

I was indeed.  From their website: “Teen Challenge is a residential discipleship program that rehabilitates men, women, children, and families with drug and alcohol dependency, and other life-controlling problems. We show them how to break down the barriers of self-deception and negative attitudes, rebuild their self-esteem, live a life free from drug and alcohol addiction, and to live according to Christian principles as a productive member of society.”

I welcomed her, and told her I’d love to know more about the program, her story, and how Millers & Club Auto Sport fit into the picture.  I didn’t know if she was an employee for Teen Challenge or a participant in their program.  But, I was about to find out.

A few moments later, Kelsey arrived at my desk with her cup of hot coffee, ready to share.  She was very open about her long journey, and willing to answer my hard questions.  It became evident that Kelsey was a participant at Teen Challenge, not an employee.  Clearly she had come to grips with the very deepest, darkest parts of herself; a place most of us will avoid at all cost in our own lives.

This young warrior has battled for her life. And, as only those who’ve looked death in the face can do, she tells her story with a quiet wisdom that is beyond her years.  What she shares is both gut wrenching and victorious at the same time.  This beautiful, intelligent, articulate young lady was a heroin addict. As a parent of children her age, Kelsey’s story resonated to the very fiber of my being as the worst nightmare a mother or father could live through.

She followed the ‘typical’ pattern of so many addicts; at age 14 she was abusing alcohol, then pot.  Her circle of friends moved on to OxyContin and ultimately to what became her drug of choice, heroin.

She’s been in and out of rehabs for years. But, she is adamant that there is something different and very special about Asbury Family Center in San Jose. Kelsey, now 21, has been clean for more than 4 months.  She has new faith, new hope and new work opportunities.  Now well on her way to a lifetime of sobriety, Kelsey shared how incredibly thankful she is for people who care, like Carrie Miller and her dad, Mike Drysdale, of Millers Vinyl Graphics at Club Auto Sport, because they make a difference.  Sometimes they make the difference.

Every Monday Carrie arrives at work with a young woman at her side.  There is always some extra work to get done in their shop, and Carrie is grateful for the extra hands and is passionate about helping these young adults get their life on track by giving them opportunities to gain some real work experience.

“I love being able to help teach basic professional skill sets like filing, customer service and even making signs.  What we try to do is offer a healthy, productive work environment, which then presents a new perspective, which in turn offers hope.  For some of these kids, it is their first experience to be around anything resembling “healthy” or ‘productive.”

The ready smile on Kelsey’s healthy, clear skin shows the impact that hope, real hope – the “changed-heart” and “changed-life-hope,” has had on her. The effect is palpable; her inner peace evident. Every Monday, she looks forward to her time at Millers, and she will never forget what they did for her.  Now, she wants to give back and help others.

That’s how the Hub of our Club Auto Sport Wheel works:

Giving back. Paying it forward. Reaching out. Community. Caring.