WasteTracking Changes Global Landscape


Wastetracking ArticleSAN JOSE, CA- Headquartered at Club Auto Sport in San Jose, Wastetracking.com has revolutionized the business of waste management worldwide.

Until Wastetracking.com developed their software, it was impossible to accurately estimate waste and recyclables let alone document the diversion efforts of business and government. The increased interest in environmental responsibility and a flurry of new laws demanding recycling accountability put Wastetracking.com in the right place at the right time.

Wastetracking.com provides a suite of cloud-based accounting tools for tracking all waste and recycling from any waste generating source and converts this information into comprehensive reports, statistics and carbon footprint analysis to maximize waste reduction efforts. Not only is this key for the environment, but with all the new government regulations to satisfy, Waste-tracking.com is the only solution that provides accurate, measurable proof of recycling necessary for compliance.

Wastetracking.com has clients throughout the US, Canada, Asia, Europe, South America and the Middle East, and their software is available in 53 languages. When asked about his company’s unique building which is filled with exotic cars and feels like a modern showroom and the ultimate man cave rolled into one, Founder and CEO of Wastetracking.com Dean Rodatos jokes that maybe this is Silicon Valley’s new version of a startup working in a garage. “This is a great place to have a business; it’s a great facility with good people in an ideal location.”

Their list of projects is impressive, among them the massive Brooklyn Bridge repair, and the new Apple Campus 2 project in Cupertino. Rodatos states, “It is very exciting. I still consider us a start-up, but we are in fact the global leader in waste tracking. Our clientele ranges from environmentally conscious mom and pop businesses to Fortune 500 corporations.” To date, Wastetracking.com has tracked over 500 million tons of waste since they opened their doors in 2006.

Wastetracking.com is currently hiring sales and engineering staff to keep up with growing demand for its products and services. Rodatos believes that recycling today’s resources not only benefits our environment but will benefit tomorrow’s generations. “This is truly a feel-good business, it is good for the environment, good for businesses and the community and I’m excited every day I walk through the door about what we are accomplishing and what lies ahead.”