DancersSi, Club Auto Sport and TMFC staff and their spouses spiced up the New Year in colorful south of the border style.  Party animals is an understatement ─  I guess it takes one to know one.  Mi Casa / You Casa.  After an exceptional holiday season at both of these popular venues, it was time for our employees to kick up their heels and let the hair down while celebrating the end of a great year and the beginning of another.  YES, January 17th  was a chippin’ – dippin-  salsa dancin’  ─ haute night! 

Indeed, TMFC lived up to their name of “Too Much Fun Club” as they hosted the fun which began by bellying up to the bar for margaritas and Latini’s.  Hot tamales followed as we set down for a lovely dinner catered by Justin’s.  Each course brought new surprises including a yearly recognition of all employees by Juan Davis (aka John) and his kick off of “ Yes We Can” campaign .  Annual “Heart Awards” went to Darla Arndt, our Director of Event Sales at Club Auto Sport. And Jorge Gonzales the  Mechanic, Facilities Manager and jack-of-all-trades at TMFC.  Congratulations to their outstanding performance and teamwork in 2013.

Magnífico  Latin flair!  Why can’t every meal include savory food, an hysterical  standup comedian (Jalapeño) and a sexy salsa couple with more successful moves than U-Haul.  Not to mention the luck of a draw – Robert Long III is  packing a bag for  a week vacation to Cabo.  Now suck up a Sangria before joining the conga line to the Davis garage for more Salsa!  Naturally the night would not be complete without our annual rollin’ of the dice and  grabbin’ a gift  – the fun  game and laughter just kept coming. 

Our sincere thanks to a wonderful year and a grand staff party planned and executed by our own senorita Courtney Barry.  Gracias!

Adios Amigos!