Elektrobit Automotive Innovation Lab Grand Opening

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SAN JOSE, CA. Elektrobit (EB) Automotive, a global leader in automotive software technology, celebrated the grand opening of its new Innovation Lab with an open house at Club Auto Sport on July 13. The celebration attracted automotive executives, journalists and others involved in next-generation automotive technologies.

EB Automotive is an award-winning, global supplier of cutting-edge, embedded technology solutions and services for the automotive industry. During its 25 years in business, EB Automotive has established deep relationships with carmakers and suppliers which allow the company to stay on top of new innovations and to incorporate technologies early in the developmental phases.

Automakers realize that the future of the industry involves developing alliances with high tech companies, which means Silicon Valley has once again become the incubator for innovation.

With a dozen auto manufacturers located in Silicon Valley and scores of local companies working on cutting-edge software solutions for the automotive industry, opening an EB Automotive office at Club Auto Sport in San Jose made perfect sense.

Automotive software expert, Walter Sullivan, head of EB Automotive’s new Innovation Lab, is pleased that the new office is a visible part of this auto-centric business hub. “Club Auto Sport is a sophisticated auto ecosystem that brings out the best in our engineers,” Sullivan explains, “And, we are right in the middle of where all the new automotive technology is being developed.”

The open house featured speakers from EB Automotive’s executive leadership teams in Germany and North America, as well as executives from Ford, NVIDIA and Gartner, an industry analyst organization.

For more information about Elektrobit visit its website at www.elektrobit.com

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