Dear Darla: Sure fire cures for the ‘bah-humbug’ syndrome!


Dear Darla,

With the holidays just around the corner, I’m suffering from a bit of the ‘bah humbug’ syndrome.  

I’ve been put in charge of pulling together an activity for our department at work.  I’m so bored with the same old tired office party, and frankly, even the frenzied mall hype has me feeling exhausted just thinking about it. 

Do you have any suggestions on making this holiday season more meaningful for my co-workers?

Grumbling In Gilroy

Dear Grumbling,

I have a sure fire cure for the ‘bah-humbug’ syndrome!  By adding one simple ingredient to your holiday festivities your grumbling will turn into gratitude, your exhaustion into exhilaration; your bah-humbug-boredom into thoughtful-thanks giving, in keeping with the best holiday spirit!

One of the attributes I love best about the young professionals today, the Gen Xer’s and Gen Yer’s, is their indomitable commitment to ‘giving back.’  They have a fundamental attitude of appreciation for all they have, and even better; they have a desire to share with others.  And, at the very crux of the holiday season, isn’t that what it is truly about?  This year the trend is definitely the element of “giving.”

So, how about creating an opportunity at your office for this holiday season to make a positive difference in your community locally, nationally or even globally?  Some places to start might be:

Reaching out and giving back is the absolute best ‘gift’ because it is the ultimate paradox.  As expected, those who receive the gift do benefit.  However, even better, when we give; ourselves, our time, our resources, our affection, our skills, our touch, we are indelibly impacted at our core.  And we are better for it.

So, this holiday season let’s look beyond the sales, eggnog and wrapping paper − and instead, celebrate our collective human spirit by giving back, paying it forward, and offering the power of hope where none exists.  And then watch the world change one heart at a time.

May your holidays be filled with gratitude and sharing!