Dear Darla: Choosing Appropriate Halloween Attire for Corporate Events


Dear Darla,

With fall arriving my HR department is thinking about having an office Halloween Party.  I was so excited; I love to dress up whether it’s Comic-con, the Renaissance Fair or the midnight showing of Harry Potter!  However, now out of college and working as an Admin at a Silicon Valley high tech company; I am sure my costume of Kim Kardashian’s bodacious backside will not go over well with my new employer.   Can you offer any tips on choosing appropriate Halloween attire for this event?


Frightful in Fremont

Dear Frightful,

Get ready for a fang-tastic festivity!

Halloween is a fun time and it’s not just for kids anymore.  It is becoming an increasingly popular office event.  This is a great way to loosen up a bit, let the stress go, and adopt an alter-ego even if it’s only for the day.  That said, there are a few ghoulish guidelines I can share to ensure that your event is a successful thriller and nothing that will haunt you later.

First, be sure to require that all costumes are “G” rated.  Nothing dampens an office party faster than ghastly garments. Rule of thumb:  if you wouldn’t wear it in front of your seven year old niece or your 80 year old grandma…..don’t wear it to the office party.

Second, dress comfortably so that you can still perform your professional duties during the day.  Being productive while looking like Captain America may just be the right brew to encourage your boss to do fun events like this more often!

Third, go easy on the gore-factor!  Be sure to clearly state a ‘No Fear Factor’ rule. Keep it light hearted, creative and fun!  Hot picks for the office this season might be Duck Dynasty or The Great Gatsby.  Remember, you are likely to incur ‘grisly groans’ if you choose religious or political costumes, so it’s best to avoid them at the office.

To get co-workers in the mood you might create a theme for your Halloween event, or any party for that matter; like wearing a hat that represents their favorite pastime, Marvel Super heroes, characters from past TV shows  (Gilligan’s Island, Star Trek, Brady Bunch, Mod Squad, you get the idea!),  or simply wearing all black and orange.

Bottom line: Halloween office parties can be a bone-rattling bash if you follow these simple, supernatural suggestions!

Have a spooktacular time, and be sure to join me again here next month – more scary questions and social gathering guidance coming your way.  Keep the spirit!

Yours Truly –