Top Meeting Trends of 2017

What makes a meeting stellar?

Of the top 10 meeting trends of 2017, these three highlights are highly impactful to the overall success of the modern meeting:

Trend #3 Social Media

Social media platforms connect planners with corporate clients and showcase how an event venue suits their needs. With LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, planners can communicate directly and quickly, observe the venue’s key attributes, and review performance from previous meetings and events.

Photographer: Pau Barrena/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Trend # 4 Team Building

No longer are “traditional” team building experiences the norm. Instead, corporate clients prefer to have exciting and interactive activities that involve technology, like virtual reality, and get their adrenaline pumping.

Trend #10 Well-Trained Staff

Above all other 2017 meeting trends is the importance of a seasoned staff that can anticipate client needs and respond efficiently to changes before, during, and after the event. Training should be an ongoing process, ensuring that as the event climate accelerates and changes so does the staff’s understanding of clients’ needs.

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