Top 10 Team Building Trends

How do you motivate your team to collaborate and connect?

The top 10 team building trends from Vida Aventura are:

  1. Community-centric team building
  2. TV-inspired events
  3. Virtual team building
  4. Culinary-centric events
  5. Movement, art and music team building
  6. Team building with technology
  7. Experienced-based team training
  8. Business simulations
  9. Outdoor and adventure-based events
  10. Destination retreats

Club Auto Sport provides an excellent venue for many of these types of team building activities. We give back to the community with our bike building, teddy bear building, wagon building, and blanket making team building options that contribute to local charity organizations. We also have other team building activities that test your group’s ability to work together towards a common goal or allow them to compete against one another, like the race car simulators (a favorite), pit crew challenge, tricycle races, electric maze, and more.

In addition to getting you and your co-workers out of a common workplace, team building events can also bring together cross-functional teams that are all across the country from your organization. Although you may be familiar with each others’ personalities from virtual meetings and email strings, nothing beats joining your team members in a central location and getting acquainted with them in a different environment with common focus.

If you’re looking for inspiration for team building activities for your company, contact Darla Arndt at Club Auto Sport!

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