2018 Wine Trends

Do you know what’s trending in the world of wine?

If you’re planning a birthday celebration, work conference, wedding or other event where alcohol will be served, you’ll enjoy this brief preview of what’s new in wine this year.

Wine Packaging In 2018, you’ll notice wine is offered in more than just the standard 750 mL bottle, and that other packaging formats may be more cost effective for your group size. For small events, opt for canned or boxed wine to limit waste and provide lots of options. For large events, work with your caterer to find wine by the keg.

Wine Origin Although you may find affordable wine from trusted locations around the world, look for new, inexpensive wine from unexpected sources, like Bulgaria, Turkey, Moldova and Armenia.

Natural Wine On the horizon, you’ll find more natural wine options where growers are using biodynamic processes to limit the amount of chemical and technological intervention required to take the grapes from the vine to the bottle. Don’t know where to find natural wine? Bliss Wine Imports, a local wine distributor based in Napa, California, provides wines sourced from organic vineyards.

Urban Wineries Instead of setting up their operation on a farm with acres all around, some wineries are creating a unique wine-and-dine experience in urban settings. Instead of making the trip to world-renown Napa, wine lovers can trek downtown to sample new vintages.

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